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Welikermah Program

Love-compassion- Caring 



Welikermah Foundation members include Liberians and Friends of Liberia from Liberia and around the world especially the United States of America. Members are contributing financially to help achieve Welikermah Foundation vision of supporting Liberia’s healthcare system and building a modern medical hospital in Liberia.  Our financial strategy is to have a strong individual contribution which will produce a stronger collective contribution to make the strongest impact in Liberia’s healthcare delivery system. The Members, Board of Director and  Officers of Welikermah Foundation thank you for your support.


Welikermah Foundation is working with Dogliotti College of Medicine, University of Liberia to develop a Basic Life Support/CPR program in Liberia.



Welikermah Foundation Vision is to Support the healthcare system and build a medical hospital in Liberia to effectively manage patients with acute and chronic illnesses. The top-ten causes of death in Liberia include malaria, diarrheal diseases, neonatal disorders, lower respiratory infections, ischemic heart disease, HIV/AIDS, stroke, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted infections, and cirrhosis (CDC Global Health- Liberia, 2018).  Liberia has more than 100 outbreaks yearly, including measles, acute bloody diarrhea, Lassa fever, meningitis, and yellow fever.  There is a strong need to build a vibrant private healthcare organization that will strengthen the nation’s struggling healthcare system and improve the lives of its people.