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About our Partners


Faith Immanuel Lutheran Church (FILC)

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FILC is an Evangelical Lutheran Church in East Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, USA. The vision and mission of  Welikermah Foundation started within the FILC. Thanks to the members of FILC and the Senior Paster, Rev Dr. Moses Suah Dennis who continue  to Support the vision of  Welikermah Foundation to support the healthcare system and build a modern medical hospital in Liberia. Today, Over 60% of WF voting members are from the FILC. WF is honored to have a great partnership with FILC in helping with healthcare in Liberia.

Liberian Medical Student Association (LMSA)

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The Liberian Medical Students Association include the next generation of medical doctors preparing to serve the Liberian Healthcare System. LMSA represents and connects with Liberian studying medicine at home and abroad. Welikermah Foundation is partnering with the Liberian Medical students Association and A. M. E Dogloitti College of Medicine to initiate a Basic Life Support program in Liberia. 


A.M.E Dogloitti College of Medicine

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A.M.E Dogloitti College of Medicine is a medical college in Liberia and a part of the University of Liberia College of Sciences. Dogloitti College of Medicine has been at the core of Liberia’s healthcare system, educating excellent medical doctors for decades. Welikermah Foundation is partnering with A. M. E Dogloitti and the Liberian Medical students Association to initiate a Basic Life Support program in Liberia. 


All for All Agency (AFA)

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AFA Agency is a children and youth education program in Lansdowne, Pennsylvannia, USA. Welikermah Foundation Partner with AFA agency and Springfield Pharmacy to host Covid vaccine clinic in the community.