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Welikermah Foundation Since 2021 

  Love – Compassion – Caring 

Since 2021

We Are A Non-Profit Organization

Welikermah Foundation started with Our mother, Min Albertha Kpankpa, who had the vision to bring together committed and dedicated individuals who will work as a unit to support the health system and build a modern medical hospital in Liberia, West Africa. Min. Thomas Kpankpa passion and support for this vision highly encouraged others to get on board. After individualized discussion, the group concluded to develop a comprehensive vision proposal that will focus on supporting healthcare and building a modern medical hospital in Liberia, West Africa.

The first meeting on 11/8/2020, included the following individuals, Rev Dr. Moses Dennis, Mr. Turker Maxim Sumo, Mrs. Rebecca Sairyon, Mr. George Dougba,  Mrs. Frances Johnson Sumo, Mrs. Barbara Yarsiah, and Mr. Lawrence Dorley.

A Vision proposal with 10 action plans and financial implications was developed and an Organization Development committee was formed.

Welikermah Foundation
Organization Development Committee

The Organization Committee’s first mandate was to establish the Welikermah Foundation. Committee members Included: Rev Dr. Moses Dennis, Min Thomas Kpankpa, Mrs. Theresa Yogboh, Mr. Ansu Salagbi, Mrs. Barbara Yarsiah, Mr. George Dougba, Rev. Natt Miller, Mr. Lawrence Dorley, Min Albertha Kpankpa, Mr. And Mrs. Roselyn and Shiwoh Kamara, Mr. Turker Maxim Sumo, Mr. Mathew Banda and Mr. Ernest Knowlden. Thanks to the committee for the hard work done and we are stronger today because of the foundation you laid


Welikermah Foundation Structure


Min. Thomas Kpankpa    Chairman

Rev. Dr. Moses Suah Dennis Member

Rev. Natt Miller                  Member

Mrs. Watta Varney.            Member



Mr. Turker Maxim Sumo  President

Mrs. Theresa Yogboh                Vice President

Mr. George Dougba          Secretary

Mrs. Rebecca Sairyon        Treasurer

Mrs. Roselyn Kamara       Financial Secretary

Mrs. Albertha Kpankpa    Chaplain



Welikermah Foundation has over fifty (50) members who are contributing to the Organization mission and vision.

The Board

The Board of Directors,  officers and members of Welikermah Foundation completed a vision proposal to build and run a modern medical hospital in Liberia. Liberia is one of the world’s poorest countries, ranked 177 out of 188 in the UN development index. Between 1989 and 2003, Liberia was ravaged by civil war, which left 250,000 people dead, and in 2013 a devastating Ebola outbreak decimated its fragile healthcare system. Recent COVID pandemic affected Liberia’s already non-existing healthcare system. Building a modern medical hospital will help to improve Liberia’s poor healthcare system and provide effective healthcare services to the Liberian people

From left to right

Min. Thomas Kpankpa – Board Chairperson, Rev Dr. Moses S. Dennis – Board Member, Rev Natt Miller – Board Member

The President Message

Together, We are Stronger

  • We have the physical, mental and financial ability to make massive changes
  • You are stronger than you think
  • We can give hope to the hopeless
  • Let our people feel our presence while we are away
  • So,  join Welikermah Foundation 
  • Let us do this, because Together We Are Stronger

Mr. Turker Maxim Sumo, RN, BSN, MSN, CRRN